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I have designed and maintained websites since 2000. I used to use MicroSoft® Word and ftp the sites to the host, then tried GoDaddy’s Website Tonight, and Joomla, but I have had the most success in creating quality websites with WordPress.

If all you need is a site that is informational in nature, a quick resource that tells people who you are and how they can reach you (like mine), your website could cost as little as $75 a year once we’ve got it up and running. If your website needs regular updating or you want more bells and whistles, it costs a little more, but we would always make sure we stayed within your budget. Websites don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, contrary to popular opinion. Take a look at a sample of my work below, then call or email so we can get started on your website!


Sioux Empire Water Festival

The Sioux Empire Water Festival committee in South Dakota wanted a fun look that would appeal to their audience — 4th graders. They wanted their presenters, exhibitors, and teachers to be able to register online as well as submit online evaluations. During the last couple of years during Covid, we had to offer a virtual water festival instead, so from March through May, we have a different menu making water festival presentation links active. Then we revert back to the informational menu again for the rest of the year. Yes, hidden menus are definitely a thing!


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