Virtual Assistant Specializing in Website Design and Maintenance

Services and Rates

How much do you want to spend on your website? You can have a basic website for as little as $240!

Initial consultation: Thirty minutes — FREE

Domain registration (required): $40

This is your private URL to your website (like You only have to pay this once a year. This will also include a free email account and free domain mapping.

Hosting: FREE

This is like an extremely large file cabinet where all of the files that make up your website are stored. They are totally safe and secure. Not once have I ever had a problem with my hosting services.

Website design packages

Level 1 (required): $200

Every website needs a minimum of three pages — who I am (HOME), what I do (ABOUT), and how I can be reached (CONTACT). Every website I do will have those three pages at the very least. Your HOME page could be a welcome page and include a history of your business. The ABOUT page could explain who you are as well as your services. These three pages will provide you with a basic, yet functional website.

Level 2: $400

With this package you can add up to four additional pages, such as PRODUCTS, SERVICES, CALENDAR, PORTFOLIO, SLIDESHOW, BLOG, VIDEOS, LINKS, TESTIMONIALS, or MEETING MINUTES.

Level 3: $800

The ultimate package includes the kitchen sink (in other words, whatever you want with one caveat — it has to be within reason). SUB-MENUS under a main category, LOGO DESIGN, FACEBOOK SHARING, PAYPAL, or ONLINE FORMS might be possibilities, to name just a few.

All levels include theme development, design layout, and account setup — whatever needs to be done so your website is complete.

Maintenance training: $25 per hour

Most clients retain my services for website maintenance simply because they don’t want the headache, but if you would like to make updates yourself, I’ll show you how.

Site maintenance:

By request up to two times per month: $30 per update

You can contact me up to twice a month for any reasonable changes such as calendar updates, meeting minute updates, or price changes.

On retainer: $50 per month

Unlimited updates and maintenance (short of a total redesign), and a monthly report of your site’s statistics so you know where your viewers are coming from, what browsers they’re using, their display resolution, and what the key search words are being used to find you. Your statistics help you to fine tune your site to your audience and their needs. I am at your service. You would be billed on the 15th of the month, payable by the 1st of the month.

Facelift: $100

Is it time for some new colors and fonts? With this option, the content will stay the same but your site will have a fresh, new look.

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