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I have written local, state, and federal grants for nearly 15 years. My applications have helped my clients receive nearly $3.9 million. Grant writing doesn’t have to be so mysterious or tricky. All it takes is someone who believes in the project for which they are requesting money, to the extent that the reviewers can see that you have done your homework, you know what you’re talking about, and you will be a good investment for their money. Essentially, you are asking someone to invest in your project, and you need to prove that you will be a worthwhile investment because there are a lot of other people asking for that same money. I can help you put together a good application, whether as a consultant or your grantwriter. I love being able to help my clients get money so they can do their project and pay it forward through their worthwhile projects.

Call or email me and let me know how much help you’d like with your grant application. I’ve done everything from researching potential funds to reviewing applications and offering suggestions before submitting them. Here are some FAQs you’ll probably want to know:

  • Will I work for commission?

Sorry — no professional grant writer will work for commission. If you’re thinking of applying for grants and you want help, you should set aside money in your budget for those services, just like you do legal fees and maintenance costs. My first question to you will be, “What will be my role, as a consultant or doing everything from researching grant possibilities to writing the application?” My second question will be, “What is your budget?” Then we’ll do what it takes to submit an excellent application that is within your budget.

  • How long does it take to write a grant?

Every grant is different. Federal grant applications take much, much longer than local applications. There are a ton of hoops to jump through for federal grants, and sometimes they need to be approved on the state level before they’re passed on to the federal level. Every grant has a deadline for the application. Please allow plenty of time for the research and writing the application. Rush jobs rarely get funded. It’s best if I am contacted early in the process.

  • What is my success rate?

In all honesty, I don’t even keep track of that. The funding decision is always at the discretion of the reviewers, and we never know for sure who our competition will be. But I will promise you that you will get my best effort, with all of my experience put to good use. It is important to contact the funders as soon as you have a good idea of your project in order to make sure the project fits their guidelines. There is always a contact person for us to call with questions and requests for guidance. This helps to build a relationship, and the relationship can be important for getting the funding. Sometimes it’s that small of a detail that can sway the reviewers towards funding your project.

I will help you fine tune your project so you have the best chance possible at getting funded. You will likely get impatient with me and my questions as we work on the grant application, but that’s okay because it’s crucial to make sure every T is crossed and every I is dotted. Competition for grant awards is tremendous, especially today as everyone is having to scale back their budgets. It will take true commitment and answering all of my questions to put together the best application possible and convince the funders that your project is a worthwhile investment for them, and your impatience with me will be worth it when the money is transferred to your bank account.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing your ideas come to fruition!

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